Transforming INFLUENTIAL people's understanding of their

own power by addressing their money mindset and self-perception.

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of illustrious individuals who are done with being held hostage by their negative money mindset and on a mission to bring their power back. My Facebook Group: Wealth Mindset Shifts for the 6-Figure CEO

Empower yourself to reach new heights of financial success by removing the illusions and insecurities holding you back with private coaching and group programs.

Lyndsay Tells All

Sometimes people don’t need weekly coaching. Spend 2 hours with me, instead – in person, or over Zoom. I’ll help you solve your biggest money mindset challenges or think more creatively than could ever manage alone . Move forward from the mental blocks that are holding you back in your business, and dive deep with me.

Coach in your Pocket

Using the Voxer App, this intimate and private coaching method allows YOU to get support, guidance and feedback on anything you desire or need in your business, without any actual coaching calls, making it the perfect, affordable option for women at any stage of business. A Coach in your Pocket, what could be more convenient than that?

The Aligned Productivity Method

Eliminate your to-do list and unleash massive momentum by focusing on what matters most.

Are you tired of your never-ending “to-do” list? And even when you finish everything on it, do you still feel like you haven’t accomplished anything meaningful?  

Introducing the ALIGNED PRODUCTIVITY METHOD- Self Study Course.

What people are saying...

When I was deciding whether or not to jump into private coaching, I had a hard time making my mind up, because I had a hard time believe I was worthy. But now that I have started the process and worked step by step with Lyndsay's methods, I can say that it is all worth it. Lyndsay is an inspiration and a very dedicated coach, who will help you push your boundaries, reveal your true self hiding within and reach for your goals, one step at a time.


Dallas, Texas

A little snippet of my story...

From the depths of debt to the heights of financial success, I know what it takes to turn things around.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse range of experiences in both financial abundance and scarcity.

From earning $120k in one day to facing $500,000 in debt, I've seen it all. I've had successful businesses and ones that have failed, and I understand the ups and downs of the journey. I've been told I wouldn't succeed and had my share of failures, but I choose to see them as gifts that have helped me grow and succeed.

I understand that many of us have had similar struggles and may feel like our foundations are crumbling. If you're tired of feeling stuck in a cycle of doubt, insecurity and mental turmoil, I'm here to help you heal and reach your full potential. I believe in you and know that you have the capability to succeed.

Don't let past failures or insecurities hold you back any longer.

I believe in the entirety of you. I can't wait until you do too.

I've been through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and I'm ready to share my secrets with you.

How to FALL in LOVE with all aspects of money content...

Being at PEACE With Money...

What is the SECRET to being at peace with money and getting more of those dollars in your pocket? Watch this video and LEARN how to do just that!

How to Align with the Wealth that You are Misaligning with daily.

What does that even mean? You better watch this one to make sure your not doing this wrong and have money running away from you!

How to use your idea of SUCCESS to make SUCCESS happen for you... and fast.

We like things fast... we are impatient. A button to press, a book to absorb by osmosis, to experience financial freedom... why can't we have this? Watch this video and gain some powerful insight into gaining confidence around your money mindset.

The Real Issue with Making Money that The Middle Class Will Never Know...

Learn about all the tomfoolery and malarky thats going on to PREVENT you from succeeding in life. How to see the BS and avoid it at all costs.

How to eliminate YEARS of Money Trauma with this Simple System, "The Perfect System"

Grab a paper and pen this video and exercise is not to be missed. A powerful exercise that will take you to the next level on your financial journey in life.

How this one MINDSET plagues all business owners and their bank account...

and how you can get rid of it for good. Watch this video and experience the mental freedom around money you've been craving for far too long.


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